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Christine Matsumoto ☑

Physical Therapy & Recovery Coach

Christine Y Matsumoto is a Performance Coach and Physical Therapist. She specializes in sports and orthopedic performance training for dancesport athletes. As a competitive ballroom dancer for almost two decades, Christine understands not just the physicality required for dancing but also what requirements are necessary to maintain a sustainable and long-lasting competitive career.  She works with dancers to improve their physical capabilities so that their artistry and expression can show through.  Her speciality includes optimizing physical performance, injury management and prevention, as well as solving problems for dancers that are holding them back from what their bodies can truly achieve.    

Services Offered

1:1 Performance Training

After a full assessment of your dance routines, and a comprehensive physical assessment, I will work with dancers either in-person or virtually to reduce symptoms, optimize muscular strength, endurance, control and coordination.

Pre/Post Competition Recovery Work

Manual therapy performed on-site at dance competitions to optimize muscle function, reduce recovery time, normalize range of motion and improve physical performance. Contact Christine to see the list of dance competitions that she will be at in the future.

Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

Are you experiencing discomfort, pain, intense soreness, or physical limitations? After a complete physical assessment, I will create an exercise plan to build strength, mobility, and to recover from your injury as well as help to optimize your dance performance, and reduce the risk of reinjury.

Dancesport Performance Train
NDCA Nationals Waltz
Client Training Sessions

Testimonials & Endorsements

“Working with Christine has transformed my abilities and mindset as a dancer in just one year. She creates cross-training programs with your personal goals in mind, and thinks about each of her clients in a way that makes you feel incredibly cared for. We need more coaches like her who love the ballroom world and are dedicated to helping its dancers build long and sustainable careers!”

Crystal Song

“I started seeing Christine when I first had a very bad back injury. She did not only help me to recover, but even trained me into a better condition for my competitive performance. Since training with her, my dance has improved to another level. Even my dance coach was amazed by what she has turned me into.”

Maggie Sheng

“I’m so glad I started working with Christine. I’ve tried many different trainers before, but none really understood the unique strength, balance and mobility needs for ballroom dancers. As a dancer herself, Christine has been able to create unique and effective programs for me and my partner. I look forward to continuing to develop with her!”

William Tong