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Oreste Alitto ☑

High Performance Coach

Christine is an Entrepreneur, World Pro/Am Champion Ballroom Dancer, Podcast Host & Performance Coach for High Achievers. She has been a dancer for over 15 years, managed a dance studio for 5 years and created sales training programs for teams. In 2019 she created Freedom Mindset Academy and followed up with hosting the Recovering Perfectionist Podcast. Christine’s mission with launching the Dance Wellness Community is her two worlds (dance & wellness) coming together to bring effective solutions & resources to an industry that gave her so much. 

Services Offered

Freedom Mindset Academy

A 12-week, transformative, online academy that empowers you to achieve your highest life goals without burnout. Inside you’ll learn everything you need to know about: getting unstuck & out of survival mode, working with your biology instead of against it, creating sustainable systems, setting healthy boundaries, time management vs. energy management, cultivating a positive community, self worth healing and so much more.

The Recovering Perfectionist Podcast

A podcast hosted by Christine Bar Noël created to empower open conversation about challenging society, taking messy action and knowing that you are enough. The mission is to encourage a life by design of abundance through peace and acceptance in our own imperfections. It’s time to align with the universe for the full human experience and redefine what it means to be successful.

On-Camera Talent

Available for hosting, MC, interviews, red carpets & special events. Currently the lead on-camera talent for SEN 1 Media capturing entertaining and exclusive conversations with champion level dancers, tech titans & innovators of industry. 

The French Experience Retreat

A luxury North of France experience in an 18th century castle hosted by native travelers, Christine & Steevens Noël. Visit 5 cultural cities, experience esquitsite cuisine with our private chef and see the countryside of one of the most beautiful country’s in the world. Join our all inclusive experience on Sept. 7-14, 2024. Limited availability. 

On-Camera for SEN 1 Media
Freedom Mindset Academy
The French Experience Retreat

Testimonials & Endorsements

“Thinking back to my first call, I was so in love with my life and how far I had come, but I was in desperate need to polish and take myself to the next level. I had successfully worked to achieve a successful business, 3 healthy and active children and a husband/partner that is incredible. Yet I still felt somewhat incomplete. I needed some polishing and refining. And I needed a healthy reminder that less is often MORE. Christine opened my eyes to the value of coaching and provided me with accountability, tools and resources. They gave me more awareness of where I was giving in to my employee mindset and intentional action steps to own my CEO mindset. Living with ease was finally a reality and that looked like me hiring more staff and an assistant to delegate my workload, which helped me reach my goal of finishing work at 3:15pm everyday to pick up my kids at school & spend more time with them. My morning & evening routine has been optimized for the best results and my husband said he’s never seen me so dialed in! THIS IS THE WORK and it’s working! Having a coach for the rest of my life is now a non-negotiable and I feel like I can finally do all the things that fall into my core values with ease and organization, plus still have time to fill my own cup. I’ve learned how to say no to people & things that are not aligned with my value pillars. I’ve become a stronger leader, wife and mother I can be proud of and I’m so grateful for Freedom Mindset Academy & the guidance I received to live my life with ease.”

Heather Sorensen

CEO of Homes by Sorensen

“When I first started working with Christine, I was trying to do everything all at the same time. I was overworked doing something I didn’t enjoy, trying to be there for everyone that needed me, all while getting my business off the ground. This academy & work allowed me to realize that we can reprogram our brain to work FOR us and not against us. I was conditioned to think that the more I work, the more I get done and the more I am there for people, the more I am worth….but that is not sustainable or healthy. The reason this work was so effective and eye-opening for me was because it was exactly what I needed to hear at this place in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity that this academy gave me to open my mind. I am now able to set boundaries with those around me, see and value my worth and truly show up in the world as my best self without seeking approval from others. A feeling that is both amazing and transformative!”

Idalia Higuera

Fitness Coach

“I’m not someone who tends to reach out or ask for help – I usually never need to. In my professional career as a project manager, I usually ‘have it all figured out’. But the reality was I was EXHAUSTED! My work and home schedule was crazy and overwhelming, and I felt like I wasn’t as in control of my life as I used to be and as I wanted to continue to be. I also realized that I was starting to have feelings of wanting more out of my professional life. Having always made everything come together and work throughout my life, I put a lot of pressure on myself to continue to ‘make it work’ as my life took on more complexities after marriage, children, and a masters program entered the picture; and my sleep is what took a major toll. This started to impact my physical health and that’s when I realized I wasn’t actually living the life I wanted. As I wasn’t creating that life on my own, I had to concede that I could probably use some help. I saw Christine’s post about a FREE Clarity Call and thought, what do I have to lose? On the call, Christine explained how she would help me organize my schedule and create better systems that would help me not to compromise my sleep, and help me optimize my life again despite how crazy it had gotten. I might be able to experience more of what I felt like I was missing… rest & fun! Once in the academy, I learned how to pool my resources, not try to do everything on my own, have more accountability, and create sustainable systems. I finally started getting more than 5 hours of sleep every night, and there was no going back! Learning how to value my sleep schedule alone has been worth its weight in gold. My thinking started changing and what I was willing to accept for myself took a major shift. Because of my declaration of my desire for more freedom and fulfillment, the universe delivered a career-changing opportunity that I never would have even considered had it not been for this program’s guidance. I realized through this curriculum that I was identifying myself with my high-ranking job and checking all the boxes to be the best I could be. Today I am doing morning walks with my family, reading more, and most importantly, giving myself so much more grace. I’m appreciating the “bite-sized” approach to life and joyfully building my financial services business as a proud entrepreneur. This academy was a game-changer. I have the tools to go back, when I need, and remind myself of key messages that have helped me create my dream lifestyle….PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. I’m so thankful for this experience and the life-changing tools and guidance.”

M'Balia Tagoe

Project Manager