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Certified Practitioners


Ricci-Lee Hotz

Nutritional Health, Gut Health, Body Image and Allergies

Christine Bar Noël

Perfectionism, Sustainable Solutions, Burnout and Happy High Achievers

Michael Reeves

Studio Sustainability, Community Culture and Dance Industry Consultant

Andy Fitzgerald

Pro/Am Comp Prep, Goal Setting, Body Conditioning and Mindfulness

Amber Haider

Mindset & Confidence, Mental & Emotional Coaching

M’Balia Tagoe

Financial Wellness, Efficiency, Budgeting and Investing

Louis Bar

Business & Branding Coach, Competition Coach

Christine Matsumoto

Physical Therapy & Post Competition Recovery

Oreste Alitto

Kangen Water Wellness Business and Rest & Recovery

Natalie Crandall

KINRGY Guide, Yoga Instructor and Meditation

Featured Practitioner


Kasia Kozak

Mental & Physical Competition Prep, Exclusive Boot Camps & Tools