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Michael Reeves ☑

Dance Industry Consultant & Studio Success Coach

I am a business consultant specializing in the ballroom dance industry. I help dance studio owners and managers fully develop their own profitable, sustainable, satisfying business. Early in my career, I learned there’s a lot to the dance business itself and to be successful, one must be committed to building a positive, friendly and innovative environment for clients and employees. Teaching has always been my primary passion in my 40+ year career in the dance industry. My definition of a successful business is one that is both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. 

Services Offered

Create a framework for business planning and goal setting

Develop sustainable revenue streams

Formulate and promote a clear brand position

Foster a positive and inspiring work environment

Optimize core business processes and operations

Develop standards for hiring practices

Building A Ballroom Business
Dance Business Consultant
The French Experience Retreat

Testimonials & Endorsements

“Michael Reeves is a wonderful & valuable asset to our Dance Industry. Michael’s experience, in all phases of dance business, make him a valuable necessity in our industry. While Dance business is flooded with talented dancers from all parts of world, the ability to harness their talent & turn them into productive instructors plus business managers is Michael’s forte. John & / have known Michael over 30 years & from our point of view, few individuals are capable of building successful dance businesses more than Michael.”

Marianne Nicole & John DePalma

Dancesport Competition Owners, MC, Adjudicator, Coach & Choreographer

“Michael Reeves is a true master in the business of Ballroom. In the (more than) 25 years I have known him, I have witnessed Michael run the most successful schools, take new schools to the next level and help existing schools transition seamlessly to new owners or in new directions. Michael’s commitment to the industry is apparent as he strives to support studios, staff and students alike. His innovative methods coupled with an indisputable level of experience and extreme integrity, make Michael one of the best in the industry. Not to mention, he is a lot of fun to be around!”

Hannah Cole

Ballroom Dance Teachers College Founder, Sol Ballroom Dance Center

“In the past 30 years we traveled the world and worked in many dance studios. We give our recommendations to Michal Reeves. We’ve known Michael for over 20 years In our opinion he is an extraordinary person, teacher and entrepreneur who is able to successfully perform and present his way of bringing work in ballroom dance industry to the top level. Michael Reeves is one of the most knowledgeable and successful owners and operators in our business. His experience and knowledge will definitely have a positive impact on dance studios looking for management training at its highest level.”

Igor & Irina Suvorov

Russian Ballroom and Latin Champions, Dancesport Competition Owners, Coaches & Adjudicators