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Movement Facilitator & KINRGY Guide

Kasia Kozak is one of the most respected and sought after dancers and choreographers in America. She is a world class judge and national coach working with many of todays top professional and pro-am couples. She is originates from Poland, where she become Polish Junior Champion and moved to the United States at the age of 16. One of the highlights of her brilliant career was becoming one of the first USA couples to win the prestigious Blackpool Open Rising Star Latin Championship. She also became Show Dance Champion and Latin Couple of the year as well as being 6 time US National Professional Finalist. Through a variety of entrepreneurial projects her goal in her post-competitive career is to share her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of dancing with as many people as she can.

Services Offered

Dance & Train with Me

Become the best version of yourself and create the life you desire. Kasia is available for public speaking engagements.


3 Day Exclusive Ladies Only Dance Training. During this workshop I will share with you my expertise as a national coach and knowledge as a professional dancer and together we will develop both your body and mind through a series of topics: Technique, Practice Methods, Flexibility & Strength & Performance. As an added bonus I have discovered over the years, is a great sense of camaraderie that develops between the ladies attending my High Heel Boot Camps and sharing the same experience. Many lasting dance friendships have started at my camps! IT’S FUN, EXHILARATING AND UPLIFTING!!

Lacey's Ballroom Project

Kasia is the co-creator of the “Move Like a Champion” program. This training teaches principles of dynamic alignment and functional movement through exercises and experimental anatomy.

Kasia Kozak & Donald Johnson
High Heels Boot Camp
Re-Defining Success

Testimonials & Endorsements

“When I was given the opportunity to attend Kasia’s “High Heel Boot Camp” I couldn’t resist. My expectations of Kasia were high because of what I already knew about her talent as a dancer and the quality of her teaching. But what I received during this intense and fun “High Heels Boot Camp” definitely surpassed my expectations! Over the course of 15 hours I discovered just how much dancing involves every part of your body working together, and the important role good fitness, confidence, balance, and your own personality play in the making of a quality dancer. You learn much about ballroom and latin dancing while at the same time you gain valuable life lessons. Kasia left nothing uncovered and was very organized in her approach. Not one minute was wasted. And our sore feet and bodies were evidence of that! What’s obvious to me is that Kasia puts her heart and soul into teaching. She brings her world class dance experience, her education, her whole life experience into the boot camp and we reap the benefits. You can’t help but get to know Kasia during such an intense three days where she is “in your face”, yet this was the bonus! She is smart, funny, poised, gracious, and of course, talented. But it’s clear her focus is not on her talent, but on the progress of each lady who attends her boot camp. She addresses our specific needs throughout the weekend – using relevant examples, offering practical tips – and she desires that we leave with a wealth of understanding, encouragement, and confidence in our ability to be strong dancers. This has certainly been true for me! I am grateful to know Kasia and grateful to her for this unforgettable experience!”

Christine Smith, Las Vegas

“I’ve always been skeptical of infomercials and the training devices they offered, but I changed my mind after trying Kasia’s Posture Belt. Kasia has developed a belt to wear around your waist that reminds you when your dance posture is less than perfect. Her belt also helps you obtain and maintain the proper technique and movement needed whether you are dancing with a partner or practicing alone. After only a few moments of using it, I could feel her belt reminding me to correct my posture as I was practicing my own dance routines. And best of all, her belt is light and comfortable making it feel natural to wear. The belt is also compact enough so I can carry it in my dance gear bag from place to place. Being a competitive Latin Ballroom dancer, I am convinced this incredible belt is going to help me better prepare for my future competitions. I would recommend Kasia’s attitude belt to anyone wanting to improve their dance posture.”

Patty T, San Diego

“Attending Kasia’s High Heel Boot Camp was one of the best things I have ever done for my dance. Kasia is an amazing teacher and beautiful dancer. She is able to break down fundamental steps and presents in a way that makes so much sense.”

Debrah Kimberlin